Monday, October 31, 2011

Acting Career Quick Start

Know what to do to be able to WORK WITH YOUR AGENT to get even more auditions than you are already getting?
Learn why JOINING SAG IS THE WORST THING YOU COULD DO at the beginning of your acting career!
Know what it's like to work on the set of a film, television show or commercials
The kinds of jobs you need that will allow you to make money AND at the same time be able to dedicate most of your time to you acting career? (Here's a hint: It's not waiting tables!)

Know if you HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to be an actor and if you don't, how you can get IT?
Know what MOST ACTORS DON'T KNOW about HOW TO USE CASTING/AUDITION websites to dramatically increase your chances of getting called in for auditions?
The secrets to writing and structuring a cover letter that will get you called in for an agent interview?
Learn how to GET OVER STAGE FRIGHT and feel comfortable auditioning or performing on stage?

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